‘OMGenie’ is Trademarked!

OMGenie Shed Simove MasturpiecesShed is totally delighted that the Trademark Office has granted trademarks to both of the brand names he filed for the Genie dildo: VAGENIE® and OMGeneie®. The ‘OMGenie’ name was an alternative option for the genie dildo – but in the end, Shed decided to go with VAGENIE instead. Shed has a long track record of trademarking creative phrases and brand names, some of which you can see below. The top one is for a trademark for the phrase ‘The Trademark Office Has No Sense Of Humour‘ (successfully fought for – and won) and was filed after the Trademark Office refused to grant Shed the trademark for ‘Clitoris Allsorts’ deeming the name to be ‘contrary to principles of morality‘.

List Of trademarks applied for by Shed Simove