Cunt Dracula dildo Shed Simove clay model

and thanks for visiting.  We’re thrilled you’re here at MASTURPIECES – the home of high end, pun-derful, sex toys. Each of our dildos is hand cast and limited to one hundred editions. Every design took many sculpts to get perfect and we hope you’ll agree that the finished items are modern day works of art.


It took a long process to get our MASTURPIECES just right. (We were SO CLOSE many times, but DIDN’T STOP until we got the deep pleasure of a PERFECT FINISH).  First, each dildo was sketched, designed and art-directed. Next, sculpting genius Stuart Harris worked on many versions in clay, until we got the final master dildos just right.

Our dildos are hand cast by the moulding supremos at Midland Life Castings and strictly limited to one hundred pieces. We went through many experiments to ensure that the finish, materials and hardness of the final dildos were absolutely perfect. Every piece is lovingly crafted using Dragon Skin 30, an industry leading skin-safe silicone sourced from the brilliant experts at Bentley, plus we use Vaseline® to lubricate our moulds – another detail to ensure the finished products are entirely safe. Every care has been taken to make our dildos the highest grade, highest quality and safest adult toys possible.

Masturpiece Moulds Handmade Dildos shed Simove


• Hand Sculpted

• Hand Cast

• Made from Dragon Skin 30 – high grade skin-safe silicone

• Delivered in a presentation box

• Each dildo has a signed tag confirming limited edition number

• Each piece will be mailed in plain packaging



Shed Simove Dildos Creator

Success Or Your Money Back - Shed Simove - Credit Tom Banflield 500 for dildos

The MASTURPIECES were created by Shed Simove – comedian, author, serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker on creativity and innovation. His latest book, ‘Success…Or Your Money Back‘ is the easiest and quickest success manual in the world.

The book is available on USA Amazon HERE or from UK Amazon by clicking HERE. Shed’s first book, IDEAS MAN is available HERE – check out the reviews!


See more of Shed’s amazing products and books on: www.ShedSimove.com. And add him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook

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